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Love, joy, truth. We thank all the artists for their input. We are trying to offer a world class stage to the local community and expand our schedule to offer too many opportunities for people to present their art. We are open to suggestions, artistic endeavors and fun.

Upcoming Events

The Punknecks (AKA Jason and the Punknecks) are a High Energy Punk-Country Show! Fronted by Jason and Polly Punkneck who deliver a Raw Guy/Girl Harmony Sound, backed by Hard Driven Acoustic Music!
7:00 PM  $5

Pub Quiz Team Trivia @ The Players Pub "Work out your brain as you soak in beer. 6 rounds of trivia. 13 taps. You do the math."
6:15 PM  $3 per player

Pub Quiz Team Trivia @ The Players Pub "Work out your brain as you soak in beer. 6 rounds of trivia. 13 taps. You do the math."
6:15 PM  $3 per player

Weekly all-ages Blues Jam. Host band will play the first set, then invite you & others to join in.
8:00 PM  $2 for host band

Gingerbread Boys are Nate Johnson, Bob Stright, Ron Kadish and Danny Deckard
6:00 PM  

Weekly Open Mic. Sign-up starts at 9. Stage times are 12 minutes or less. We start at 9:15 & go till midnight. Come perform or enjoy the performances. 13 taps, some just $4.
9:15 PM  Free

Cootie Crabtree is an Indianapolis based singer/songwriter who rambles the county lines between Americana, Alt-Country, Rock, Strange Folk & Rootsy Blues. A little rough around the edges but pure of heart. Performing homegrown, heart-crafted originals and choice cover songs written by influential artists, there is no specific genre or pigeon hole that fits Mr. Crabtree. First and foremost, he is a natural born lover of music, and that love is what has inspired him to share his own unique brand and voice. Coot is fortunate enough to have some very talented friends who are also musicians, songwriters and fantastic instrumentalists. This allows him to perform solid solo showcases or he can easily round up a duo, trio or a full-on band to support and enrich his sound, whatever the situation may call for. From Townes Van Zandt to Jerry Garcia...... or Hank Williams to Wilco, Coot wanders the spaces between. Cut & dried, he is a music fan with a song & sound of his own to share
5:00 PM  Free Happy Hour Music

The Hungarian Slacks is a blues rock quartet specializing in guitar-driven originals and unusual cover tunes. Peter's constantly searching for connections, symbols, and wordplay that paint a broader picture of the dystopian American landscape. For example, a song from his upcoming full-length, "CAFO," begins, "This white picket cage feels like a CAFO/ Without so much smell/ It's rigor mortgage and what's more is/ My house is just one of these cancer cells." CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.
8:00 PM  $5

Misfit Toy Karaoke hosted by KJ Coley. We invites you to belt one out during this Weekly Late Night Karaoke. All wine glasses just $4. Bottles half off.
11:00 PM  Free

Thea B & Company will be laying down some sweet, soulful jazz for your listening enjoyment. Come, and if you wish, bring your dancing shoes!
5:00 PM  Free Happy Hour Music

The Gordon Bonham Blues Band lays down a hard driving brand of blues in the Chicago style with a bit of Texas and Mississippi thrown in. Tom Harold’s harmonica mastery works with Bonham’s guitar and the crack rhythm section of David Murray (bass) and Jeff Chapin (drums) in a sound reminiscent of the early Fabulous Thunderbirds. High energy and danceable, but also “Low Down and Blue,” the GBBB continues to deliver as one of the midwest’s finest blues bands.
8:00 PM  $7

A Brown County based songwriter known for his guitar playing and Americana roadhouse sound. With special guest David Sharp on lead guitar.
5:00 PM  Free Happy Hour Music

With a fat brass section, a tight rhythm pocket, & scorching vocals, Soul Street entertains by generating recognizable and danceable renditions of your past r&b/soul favorites!
8:30 PM  $8

Pub Quiz Team Trivia @ The Players Pub "Work out your brain as you soak in beer. 6 rounds of trivia. 13 taps. You do the math."
6:15 PM  $3 per player


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