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Love, joy, truth. We thank all the artists for their input. We are trying to offer a world class stage to the local community and expand our schedule to offer too many opportunities for people to present their art. We are open to suggestions, artistic endeavors and fun.

Upcoming Events

5:00 PM  Free

8:30 PM  $8

Local Acoustic Combo
5:00 PM  Free

Latin Jazz featuring Mike Spiro, Mike Mixtacki, Joe Galvin, Pat Harbison, Nate Johnson, Jamaal Baptiste, Joel Tucker, Jeremy Allen
8:00 PM  $7

Weekly Jazz Jam. Host band plays the first set, then invites players to join in.
5:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

The Balhinch Quarterly is an independent americana/folk band from the great state of Indiana. Their namesake, Balhinch, is a spot near where the members of the band live, where the Irish ancestors of songwriter Joel David Weir settled, not because it was
8:00 PM  $5

Weekly Open Mic. Your 10 minutes of stage time awaits you.
5:00 PM  Free

Featuring Jenn Cristy, Sarah Grain, Ralph Ed Jeffers. Clint Zimmerman
8:00 PM  Donations

Dreamin', plannin, & working on "The Third Greatest Mardi Gras on The Face of The Earth"
4:00 PM  Free

Blues music was made for dancing. Join us each week to find the rhythm in your body and learn how to express yourself within the living tradition of Blues dance. No partner or previous dance experience necessary. Class is just $5 this week.
6:30 PM  $5 per lesson

Weekly Blues Jam. Host band plays the first set, then invites players up to jam.
8:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

Afro Hoosier Intl performs musical styles from Africa and the African Diaspora, including Afropop, Afrobeat, Reggae, Funk, and more. African pop music, what one hears in bars and dance clubs in Lagos, Nairobi, Lusaka, Johannesburg, etc.
6:00 PM  $5

With soulful vocals, fiercely elegant guitars, and a high energy rhythm section, Fly Paper never fail to amaze and inspire crowds throughout the country with their original songs. Micaela's voice is often compared to that of Fiona Apple and Norah Jones. Her guitar playing carries on the traditions of Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmore, and Jimmy Page. Bassist Joe Chamberlin fills the space between with a modern rock style grounded in classic rock sensibilities. Sam Rice brings to the drums, the rock groove of Jimmy Chamberlin and the flair of Buddy Rich, while Saxman/Keyboardist Marty McLean puts the sax back in rock one note at a time. The four piece band fuses elements of rock, folk, and blues into an unforgettable musical experience. With catchy songs, command of their instruments, and a powerful stage presence, Fly Paper will be remembered long after the stage lights go out!
10:00 PM  $5

Sarah's Swingset performs first-class vocal jazz featuring vibes, guitar, bass, and more.
8:00 PM  $5

Come claim your ten minutes of stage time.
11:00 PM  Free


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