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Love, joy, truth. We thank all the artists for their input. We are trying to offer a world class stage to the local community and expand our schedule to offer too many opportunities for people to present their art. We are open to suggestions, artistic endeavors and fun.

Upcoming Events

The Clodhoppers play original porch music based on the songs of Jerry Maulin. Bill Berg, Hanna Guy Maulin, and Jim Wendal add into the rollicking sound.
5:00 PM  Free

rockin jumpin blues, swing and rhumba boogie
8:00 PM  $5

Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock "The Trip is a band of three, young well-rounded musicians in every way. Everywhere I see them play and when they perform at my radio show, their passion and desire for music really hits home with anyone and everyone that is listening." -Penny Lane
11:59 PM  $5

5:00 PM  Free

All Hail The Funk!!
8:30 PM  $7

11:59 PM  $3

weekly Jazz Jam come join in.
5:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. For a stripped down two guitar, two mic set, the duo offers a full sound sure to turn any unfamiliar listener into a fist-shaking enthusiast. Stang and Elenteny share a bond stemming from childhood in Sayville, New York, and now thanks to a little fate and a change of residence, the two have reunited some 3,000 miles from their roots. The resulting chemistry of such a time-tested friendship pours from the stage and speakers of each Science! show.
8:30 PM  $5

Your chance to claim your fame
5:00 PM  Free

featuring Elsie White, Brandon Pfieffer, Jeremy Shear, Steve Boller
8:00 PM  Donations

Blues music was made for dancing. Join us each week to find the rhythm in your body and learn how to express yourself within the living tradition of Blues dance. No partner or previous dance experience necessary. Class is just $5 this week.
6:30 PM  $5

8:00 PM  $2 goes to host band

Existing in the tension between tradition and frontier, Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest winner and Prairie Home Companion guest, Run Boy Run, truly exceeds the sum of its parts as touches of classical, jazz, and folk express themselves through the old-time core of the band’s unique sound.
6:00 PM  $6

A guitar prodigy from the age of four, South Texas born Brent Johnson always knew where he wanted his playing to take him. Drinking in the very best of Blues, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Country and World Music, by the time his family moved to New Orleans in his teens, he was predestined towards a career in music.
8:00 PM  $5

Dave Baas, Emily Jackson & more.
5:00 PM  Free


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